Florence Mayor Calls 80,000 San Tan Valley Residents “Bad People”

After reading this post, please take a minute and take the poll at the bottom. Please vote only once.

Thats what the Mayor of Florence referred to the residents of San Tan Valley as. 80,000 bad people. And that was AFTER she and six other council members voted for a resolution that would deny San Tan Valley the chance to vote for incorporation.

Say what you will about incorporation. Being denied the right to vote on it by government is draconian at best. One can appreciate the 13 original colonies and their trans-atlantic fight for freedom and independence.

Government is supposed to be the protector of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Government is supposed to protect the right to self determination.

The governments of Florence, Apache Junction and Coolidge have all come out against our community to incorporate; they have taken away our constitutional right to self determination and the pursuit of happiness by hiding behind opressive laws which take away personal liberty.

I give you the Honorable Mayor Vicki Kilvinger…

For those that have not read this post yet, anything in red is an update; the gray color type is all original. The reason for the update and not a new post is that I’d like to keep the original video link but with a new link to the Florence Town Council response to what the Mayor said on channel 15 news. Just trying to be fair and balanced.

San Tan Heights Community Watch does not take a stance on the incorporation issue, we are not in that business. But we will stand up and say that it is deplorable for a government which was voted in to wipe out any chance for us to vote for or against self determination.

This is the press release from the Florence Town Council after they got what I’m sure was a tremendous amount of phone calls and emails from the good people of San Tan Valley. The Press Release

After reading the press release above, it’s all up to interpretation. Can we work with our surrounding municipalities? Yes. Can they work with us while not making land grabs from our area? We shall see.

Please take the poll below. Lets let the officials which govern these cities and towns know how we feel about not even getting to get the chance to vote on our own destiny.

Since opening up this poll to Newszap in a post, the I don’t care category jumped significantly. I’m pretty sure the jump is false as there were only four views of the post on Newszap and 54 hits from the Newszap referring address for this post.  The votes jumped by 41 in less than an hour. Before the Newszap post this category had only one vote.

July 20 update: So if you take out those 41 false (I believe) votes the actual votes would be 71. Based on that the percentages change.

  • I DON’T CARE with 5 votes or 7%
  • I’M A LITTLE UPSET still at 0 votes
  • MAD with 17 votes or 24%
  • EXTREMELY MAD with 49 votes or 69%

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Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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  1. This isn’t right. If they’re going to do this, Pinal County should stop treating San Tan Valley like the proverbial “red-headed step-child” (no offense to redheads or step-children). I understand their position and viewpoint, but their problems in regulating and encouraging growth in their own communities should not be the determining factor in the growth and development of ours.

  2. Robert & Debra Pierce

    We who are legal citizens that live in San Tan Valley have the right to vote for what ever may effect our Community!! This is America and doesn’t that say it all!!!

    The Pierce’s
    Senior Citizens of San Tan Valley, AZ.

    • We are as much as American Citizens as any of those who criticize us as to what rights we have within the community of San Tan Valley, what is the country we are presently in, if this is not America where are we?

  3. San Tan Heights Resident

    Icky Vicki will eventually hit the dust and it looks like most of the council is right there with her. If we can get some educated, younger folks in the town council, we might have a vote.

  4. I never expected Florence or AJ to allow it to happen. It was just too much of a cost to them.

  5. It’s my understanding that the revenue that would be lost by the city of Florence accounts for about 1% of their budget. We, the citizens of San Tan Valley, were denied a chance to vote on incroporating because of 1%? Are you kidding?? The city of Florence wouldn’t be able to stand losing 1% of their budget?? I know that these are tough economic times, but I find it difficult to believe that Florence would not be able to survive losing 1% of their budget.

    Maybe the city of Florence should provide additional police protection, which we are seriously lacking in the San Tan Valley area since they won’t let us incorporate. Maybe the city of Florence should provide the additional traffic lights we need since they will not let is incorporate. Maybe the city of Florence should provide additional infrastructure items that we need in the area here and cannot do ourselves without the benefit of incorporating.

  6. Why does she feel the 80,000 residents of STV are “BAD” people?

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