Inform – Empower – Action

This is going to be the substance of our meeting tonight.

You can download the pdf of  Inform_Empower_Action here.

Inform, Empower and Action

A resident guide to a stronger and more cohesive community.


What we all want is for our families to live in a safe and stable environment. Take those two notions; safe and stable. Safe is circumstance brought on after an action  that creates it. Stable is the repeating of that action in order to provide consistency of safety.

Both safety and stability for our community is our responsibility. Neither will happen without the residents moving it along.  Most Block Watches are reactionary and that is just not good enough because the damage is already done. Our goal is to draw the line in the sand and make it known that crime and vandalism will not be tolerated.

This guide is not the answer. But it’s a start.  Here we will cover the trinity of creating a safe and stable environment; inform, empower and action.


Information is important. Without it you are at an extreme disadvantage because the community is disconnected and the information dies because it can not flow.  There are far too many ways to inform the community; internet, email, phone calls, neighbors talking over the fence or neighborhood meetings.

But it takes you wanting to be informed. There is no reason to find out there is a problem in your neighborhood only by becoming a victim. It takes you taking the initiative to be active and be willing to be informed.

To be fore warned is to be fore armed.


To empower our community in achieving a safe and stable environment we have developed some techniques and programs that have worked.  We have got the tools, it’s just a matter of implementation.


Community involvement comes at one price only. Time. If you can take a little time every month you can make a difference. As we said, this is not the plan. But any action is better than no action at all.


STHCW blog –

STHCW web site –

STHCW Twitter –

  • Blog Posts
    • Subscribe to the blog to get email updates on new postings.
    • PCSO press releases pertinent to this area are posted.
    • We also post news and “heads up” info if we see a spike in calls to the PCSO.
  • Hot Spot Crime Map
    • Here you can get weekly updates on calls to the PCSO coming from San Tan Heights.
    • The pushpins on the map let you know where the general location of the call came from so you know what’s happening in your neighborhood.
  • Meetings
    • Our Block Watch meetings times and agendas will be posted when we have one coming up.
  • Mailing List
    • If you would like email updates from your Block Watch let us know and we can add you to our list. We don’t do a lot, and your information is kept private. But you do find out about meetings such as this first.

HOA web site –

  • Message Board
    • The message board is a great way to get local information fast. If there is something that the community needs to know quickly we always post it there as well as the Block Watch web site.
  • Mailing List
    • The property management company, CCMC, also do email blasts to the community. If you are not signed up we recommend you do if only for the fact that it’s your direct link to community news.
  • Meetings
    • The monthly HOA meetings can be a chore to make every month. Every month the Block Watch gives a report on any new trends you should watch out for. Every quarter there will be a “town hall” style meeting where we have guest speakers plus these are geared to be your meetings more than just a regular work session meeting that occurs every month.

School Newsletters

  • Updates
    • This is another resource we have to get information out. We always strive to include safety tips for the kids, but if there is something that needs to go out to the community and it’s appropriate for that medium we will ask that it be included. CUSD has been a great partner for this community in the past and we look forward working with all three schools in the future.


  • Programs
    • Block Watch
      • We coordinate the San Tan Heights Community Watch from the top down. We work closely with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and make sure the information flow is constant so you can stay informed.
      • We create and implement programs and techniques that can deter and repress reoccurring crimes.
      • We are not a vigilante group. We do not target anyone but criminals.
    • Block Captains
      • Our Block Captain program is nothing new. A Block Captain is a designated person that organizes any particular neighborhood of any size.
      • A Block Captain can keep your particular area informed by a phone tree, neighborhood meetings or email blast.
    • Walk Your Neighborhood
      • It’s good to make your presence known. If you see something suspicious, call it in. If you see someone suspicious, wave and say hello. The last thing a criminal wants is to be noticed.
    • Identifying a house where crime has come from
      • Once a conviction for a crime has happened we have options.
        • We research the address.
        • If it’s a rental the property management company notifies the owner that this is a crime free community and asks them to have there tenants sign a Crime Free Lease Addendum.
          • This gives the landlord the option to kick the tenants out if there are more problems associated with this address.
          • Puts the parents of the kid on notice and hopefully they will monitor their child better.
          • We also notify the Assessors Office if the property is listed as “Owner Occupied”, which is at a lower tax rate than a “Rental Property”.
        • And if it’s a rental or homeowner owned you and your neighbors know where the problem is and what to watch for.
    • Graffiti
      • Notify the property management company as soon as possible and it will come down. Our community is very proactive on this but the program does not work unless you call it in. Please do not assume someone else has already called it in.
    • Posse and COPS (Citizens On Patrol)
      • These are two programs that are always looking for more help. We have many residents already in these programs. They not only patrol San Tan Heights, but other communities as well.
      • If we need extra patrols these organizations are a big help to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and us.

Everything mentioned thus far we have been doing for sometime. If you’ve got suggestions on new programs or techniques please let us know. If you think what we are doing right now could be improved let us know. Our goal is to make San Tan Heights a great place to live and play. But it takes a proactive community to reach that end.


  • The PCSO and your Block Watch can help in setting up a Block Captain system in your neighborhood.
  • Take a walk. You can even take turns with your neighbors in taking walks in your neighborhood so the workload is distributed. Note anything suspicious and call it in if you think it’s required. If you see anyone suspicious and you feel it’s safe, be sure to stop and say hello. Keeps them in check.
  • If a crime has been committed and you know where the person who committed it lives, take note of the address and we can do the follow up on researching the address to make sure they sign a Crime Free Lease Addendum and possibly turn in the landlord if they are being taxed at the incorrect rate.
  • Stop graffiti by reporting it as soon as you see it.
  • Find the Block Captain in your area. Let us know where you live and we can tell you who is the Block Captain in that neighborhood if there is one there.


San Tan Heights Community Watch

Jeff and Arline Studley – Coordinators



Debbie Harper



About Jeff

Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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