STH Civic Duty

The following is an article from Rob Wise, president of San Tan Heights Homeowners Association. Rob handed this to me last night and I didn’t have time to read it due to the meeting we were conducting.

I read it first thing this morning – it makes a lot of sense and is the point we were trying to get across last night.

We are the front line of defense. You can not count on government to consistently have an effect on societal issues. It takes the society to do that.

San Tan Heights – Civic Duty

Through the years citizens have delegated more and more of their individual responsibility for self protection to law enforcement specialists. As a result, fewer citizens now recognize their responsibility to take an active role in crime prevention and the apprehension of criminals.

Police officers make more arrests each year, but criminal activities continue to rise. Here in San Tan Heights as well as nationwide, homeowners are being victimized every day at an ever-increasing rate. No one is immune. The time has come when citizens can no longer leave their responsibility for the reduction of crime to others.

Burglary is a crime of opportunity, committed by criminals who capitalize on carelessness or neglect. Most home burglaries are not committed by professionals who have planned to commit a burglary. Most are committed by amateurs, who find an open or unlocked door or window, or drug abusers that take advantage of a home’s weak defenses.

To combat the increase in crime in today’s society, the police need the eyes and ears of citizens like you. To help the police protect your property from criminals you must get involved. To help you help yourself, your community, and the Pinal County Sheriffs Office the Neighborhood Watch Program was established.

No home can be protected like Fort Knox. All of the locks, bars, lights and alarms cannot guarantee total protection. You cannot make your home, property, and self crime proof; but you can make them crime resistant.

The Sheriffs Department would like you to join a Neighborhood Watch, and learn what you can do to reduce your chances of becoming a crime victim. By becoming involved in a Neighborhood Watch in your area, you are taking the first step towards making your home, your neighborhood, and your community a safer place to live.

Our Neighborhood, Our Home, Our Civic Responsibility

Our neighborhood is our home, and like our homes we are responsible for our neighborhood. The government, the county and the Sheriff’s office can only do so much. Iit cannot be expected to attend to our specific needs any more than you can expect your neighbor to pay your taxes.

We must make our own way. We must attend to the specific business of our specific area. In doing so, we will reap the benefits of our collective labor and make Our Neighborhood a better place for all.


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Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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