Little Mexico Cleanup

There may be some push back from this post, especially in the wake of the new Arizona anti-immigrant law SB1070. This has more to do with building bridges than it does tearing them down.

We were made aware of a small community in San Tan Valley known as Little Mexico. The name came from the outside communities and is meant to be derogatory. It is populated by migrants and the area has been for years the dumping ground for construction crews and others. Say what you will about illegal immigration, the migrants who come across the border to work are vital to our economy.

The border is porous by design. If we need workers, the spigot gets turned on. If not, the spigot gets turned off. That’s the way it’s been for years in border states. Ask any farmer and they will tell you if you are willing to pay 2$ for an ear of corn, by all means turn off the spigot.

You bring drugs into this country, all bets are off. We have no use for you. Our children have enough challenges afoot without that kind of monkey on their backs.

This is about a community of families that want to make their area nicer, make it a point of pride. And they are looking for help.

Pan De Vida is organizing a community clean up of Little Mexico and Mary Gloria, President of Pan De Vida, is looking for help from the outlying communities. We are here to help that message get out.

The actual clean up is October 16th at 6am.

The meet and greet will be October 2nd at 2pm. In attendance on October 2nd will be:

  • Bryan Martyn – Pinal County Supervisor, Dist. 2
  • Rebecca Rios – Arizona State Senator
  • Amy Fuller – FUSD Assistant Superintendent
  • Greg Stanley- Department of Public Works
  • A whole lot of appreciative families

Music will be provided by the band XS. Ben Rodriguez is the Principal of San Tan Foothills High School. XS is his band. There will also be free food and drinks. It’s a great opportunity to do some good, meet new friends and build the bridges so many want to tear down.

Arline and I have been asked to help the community build a Block Watch and we plan to be at the October 2nd event for that purpose. But we will also be there on the 16th for the cleanup. If you’d like to be a part of this opportunity please let us know and as the time draws near we can coordinate efforts.

Little Mexico Flier


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Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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  1. gonna send this to my mom

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