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Hot Spot Crime Maps

Rob Kroeger has been doing the crime maps for this site for the last several months. Rob needs to move on and now we are looking for someone else to take over the Hot Spot Crime Maps data entry.

It takes about 30 minutes a day and here is what’s involved:

  • We receive the media alerts from the PCSO and forward them to you. This sample is in a word doc I created from an actual media alert.
  • The media alerts are in txt format and are for all of Pinal County.
    • Open the file
    • Search for San Tan Valley
    • We can give you a list of street names for San Tan Heights to look for. Once you become accustomed to the names it becomes much easier.
    • Once you find a street name for San Tan Heights copy and paste to a blank txt document that you create. Once you’ve gone through the section for San Tan Valley and filtered all the streets for our development save the file with a unique file name (dates are best).
    • You’ll need to create a Bing or Google map for that week. It’s a matter of inputting the information from your txt document to that map which creates the crime maps you’ve all been using.
    • When you are done with the first day, just email us the link and we will make the entry on this site.

The maps are one of the biggest draws to this site and we’d like to keep them going. If anyone is interested in helping out with this please contact us at STHCW@LIVE.COM

Arline and I want to again thank Rob for all of his time in helping us out on the Crime Maps and all of his efforts to make San Tan Heights a better place. For those of you that don’t know him, Rob has been a Block Captain for STHCW, on several committees for the HOA and a tireless volunteer working towards a better end. Good Wishes, bud!