HOA Board Meetings

We know many of you can not make the monthly board meetings; 6:30pm meetings are not that great  for 9 to 5er’s with a commute. Plus take into account it’s dinner time, homework, soccer and on and on. And lets not forget the people that work nights. It’s a challenge for us at times.

But at every meeting the board gives us one task for the month. And that is to bring just one neighbor to the next board meeting. Well neighbor, here’s is your invite to the next HOA Board meeting. 🙂

When: Thursday October 28, 6:30pm

Where: Mountain Vista Middle School

We do not have the agenda for the evening, but as Chairperson for San Tan Heights Communications Committee and Coordinators for STHCW I can tell you what we will have on the agenda.

Arline always makes the Block Watch presentation and we’d like to start a dialog on extra security patrols. We did the poll on this site to get a feel of  where are group was at on it. As we get closer to the  28th we will pull all the numbers in and make make sense out of it.

I will tell you where I was going on it may not work. After doing more homework I’m finding out things that I didn’t know before. But this is how we move forward, yes?

I will make the presentation for Communications. We will be presenting to the Board and audience the holiday banners we had designed for the two main entrances on Mountain Vista and Village Lane. Our overall plan for banners will be to rotate them out four times a year.

The banners that are up now we collaborated with a graphic artist on. We branded San Tan Heights with this logo. It’s ours and you will see it at events the HOA participates in.

The Holiday Banners we’ll be presenting are quite different. We hope you and the Board like what we’ve come up with.

The Spring and Fall banners are going to be so cool. We’ll be pitching an idea to the Board with these two banners in mind that we are really excited about.

I’ll  tell you what that’s all about, but you have to come to a meeting.  🙂 And if you can’t make it I will post what we are doing to the HOA message board.


This March we will have four Board members stepping down as they have exhausted their tenure on the Board. Interested in being a part of the solution and keep our development moving forward? Call the office and let them know if you are interested in being a member of the San Tan Heights HOA Board. The number is 480.987.8780

We hope to see you there at the meeting!



About Jeff

Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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