Clean Up in Little Mexico

There is a lot to be said for community based action groups. But the community clean up in Little Mexico on October 16th left us speechless. If I may quote Gordon Brown…

“Only two things unify people. One is fear, the other is love. One is easily manufactured, the other matters.

This was  the theme of the day in Little Mexico during the clean up. Strangers meeting strangers and huffing it out all day to make a difference.

And this Little Mexico clean up was not an outside influence trying to make a difference on another community. The residents of Little Mexico had enough and said we will make it better. Pan de Vida saw the need, sought the help within the community and guess what? The leaders stepped up, took control and made it happen.

We met so many strong and caring people during this process; it was an amazing process, too. If you think about living in an unincorporated section of Pinal County, it has its challenges. We’ve all felt it; issues with Hunt Highway, street lights, parking, noise, water run off, crime and on and on it goes. We all go to the HOA or the county for the answers.

Now try it without an HOA and add a distrust for the county. The most localized form of governance we have, just take it away and what are you left with?

Meet Little Mexico

Hispanics, whites, farm workers, store owners, store workers, shop foreman’s, husbands, wives and children. The make up of Little Mexico is as diverse as it’s need to change is strong. The community was established in the 1970’s. Some homes do not even have water to the house; there is a $7000 price tag to bring it in from the street.  It has long been a dumping ground for construction companies;  some of it’s residents are to blame as well. There are no street lights, paved roads or cohesion… until the moment came when everyone pulled together for a common purpose.

The community clean up netted 85 tons… tons of debris. Almost 1000 people from 10 churches, CAVIT, kids from 4 school districts, cub scouts, several community service organizations, block watches, and  HOAs and almost all residents from Little Mexico.

The leaders have stepped up and have taken control. From the umbrella of it’s leadership will stem a Block Watch, Covenants Committee and an organization that will thrive and ensure that Little Mexico not only maintains it’s improved image in the area but also strives to improve it’s standing as a viable community as time moves on.

Here is a video. For some portions being bilingual would be a help. However, the translation for pride transcends languages.

Slide Show

Map to Little Mexico


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  1. Could not be there but how heart warming to see people come together for the good of our neighbors and community. Fantastic!

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