Monthly Archives: November 2010

Web Site Changes

This post is just to inform you of a few changes to this website and give everyone a final tally of the Security Patrol poll we put up last October.

We’ve removed a couple of tabs at the top; Mission Statement, Safety Tips and Security Patrol Poll.

The Mission Statement is now on the front page in a permanent position on the right side bar.

The Safety Tips tab was getting very little traffic and we found a great site for that. You’ll find that link under the Links category on the right side bar.

And here are the results for the Security Patrol Poll.

A total of 47 people participated in the poll.

  • 15 said no, 9 thinking crime was not that bad and 6 saying they didn’t want their HOA dues to go up.
  • 4 said maybe but with concerns on cost.
  • 27 said the security patrols send the right message.
  • 1 checked “other” but did not leave a comment.

For the 10 people with concerns on the cost for extra patrols, I talked with our treasurer some time ago on this and he assured me that we already had the funds to support the extra patrols if we chose to go down that path. So no increase in HOA dues would be required.

But what we’ve found is that extra patrols, be it a private security firm or off duty posse members really do not have much teeth legally. All they can do is call in to the Sheriff and report what they see. Plus the staffing for the on duty Posse members is such that it is no guarantee they can patrol in San Tan Heights on our time table.

And we’d have to agree with the 9 people that said crime is not that bad. Are there spikes in calls? Yes, but they are offset by slow weeks.

That said, we would also agree with the 27 that said it would send the right message; both to new home buyers AND those that want to do bad things in our community.

The whole reason we put the poll up in the first place was a run up of calls leading to the shooting in August. We then had four weeks of increased patrols by the PCSO which resulted in a decrease in calls. After those four weeks the calls started to increase once again. And a poll was born.

But the fact of the matter is that we are averaging 12.4 calls per week, some of which are calls on atv’s in the washes, disturbance calls on loud music, animal control issues. We have some real criminal calls but for the extra cost to the HOA (again, already in the budget but still a cost) is it really worth it if the extra patrols have no teeth or we can not control the schedule?

Please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below.