After The Party

This is a video link from Tim Gaffney from the PCSO. It’s a great wake me up video to holiday drinking, but graphic.

Because there are still people who think a few drinks and driving are ok, this is worth passing on.


This is perhaps one of the most intense commercials that I’ve ever seen. I hope that by passing this along to others, that it will make a difference and if just one life is saved, it will all be worth the effort .

I think that Australia should be complimented on having the guts to “tell it like it is” and get this campaign out to all of its licensed drivers and to air it on TV…it is very moving and very life like so it has a very strong impact.

Please click on DUI


Tim Gaffney

Public Information Officer

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office

971 Jason Lopez Circle

Florence, Arizona 85231

520-866-5174 office

520-705-8124 cell

520-866-5195 fax


About Jeff

Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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