STH Holiday Toy Drive 2010

Well it began with National Night Out in August, then the Sheriff’s Motorcycle Run and it’s still going strong. The second annual San Tan Heights Toy Drive was even bigger and better than last year. Neighbors from all over our community came out in support of getting as many toys to the underprivileged children of Pinal County as possible. The PCSO will just have to bring a truck this year to haul all the toys back to Florence!

Due to the friction in the community some members of our HOA Board asked if they could use STHCW as the lead organization who sponsored this community event. In fact it was not, but we did help. All the credit goes to the people who created it last year, Anita Wise and her daughter Julie Beale Barber. They threw it together last year in a couple of weeks and it was by all accounts not a bad turn out.

But this year… man! With some fine turning this is the kind of signature event we want San Tan Heights to be known for; it raises the bar for other communities, helps the families of Pinal County that otherwise would not have a Christmas and it really brought the community together.

Big thanks go to:

  • Rob and Anita Wise. These folks did a remarkable job of making endless Walmart runs, baking dozens of goodies, and planning this event.
  • Julie and Leslie for all the hard work in setup. Even if the polar bear head was upside down. Julie was the official photographer and Leslie the resident elf.
  • The over achiever neighbor Ryan (who else builds a castle in their backyard for the kids and grows the best basil ever?). Ryan went all out this year in building a fence and pathway to Santa’s chair plus provided the sound system for all night Christmas music.
  • H&N Landscaping provided the food for the evening. H&N has been a big part of this community ever since they came on board and we look forward to a long and lasting partnership with them. They are into community.
  • Joanne Vandiver for moral support, community spirit and just a ton of baked goodies! BTW, Joanne. Thanks for the leftovers! Friends of the San Tan Mountain Regional Park made good use of them the next night. The Friends group made a lot of money at the Christmas event at the park and it will all stay there for improvements!
  • The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office printed up 750 fliers to pass out to San Tan Elementary.
  • Officer Boisvert drove Santa in at 6:30 and is always a big help at events.
  • Very Special thanks go out to Sheriff Paul Babeu. The Sheriff took an hour out of his busy schedule to visit with the families and children of San Tan Heights. We weren’t sure if he was going to be able to make it. Arline had planned a surprise visit by the Sheriff but there was an officer involved shooting that evening and we were told he could not make it. What a surprise when he pulled up! Thank you so much. You showing up really meant a lot to the families.

I have spent the last two days editing photos and realized I could be the uncle with the slide show from hell… so I broke all the photos down into categories on Facebook.

Set Up

Watch The Toy Box Grow

Santa Time

It was a Fun Crowd

Sheriff Paul Babeu

It was good times and we look forward to a bigger and better turn out next year!


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Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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