Pinal County Regional DUI Task Force “Checkpoint”

The link to the pdf is below, I just wanted to say that for not having the last three media alerts of this week from the PCSO (we don’t get Friday – Sunday until Monday) we are already at 16 calls form San Tan Heights. There were a few [calls] that one report was relative to another, so the number of instances is lower than the number of calls. That said, we still have Friday through Sunday to go.

There has been some burglaries and assaults. The assaults are kids fighting. Is it a big issue? Maybe not. But it did involve an African American and a Hispanic so that is a red flag for me. In this day and age our country has become such a stew of cultures that one really has to work at intolerance on several fronts. That’s a lot of work with little benefit… unless you think isolation is a benefit. The fact of the matter is that we can all benefit from our differences. We should celebrate them, not isolate them. Hopefully it was over a girl.

For a complete read of what’s happening in San Tan Heights check out the Hot Spot Crime Maps tab above.

Pinal County Regional DUI Task Force “Checkpoint”


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