Sex Offender Notification

A man convicted in 1995 for having intercourse with a minor has moved into San Tan Heights.

Get the press release here.


This notification is not intended to increase fear. Rather it is our belief that an informed community is a safer community. The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has no legal authority to direct where a sex offender may or may not live. Unless court ordered restrictions exist, this offender is constitutionally free to live wherever he chooses. Citizen abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate, or harass sex offenders will not be tolerated. Sex Offenders have always lived in our communities; but because of Megan’s Law, law enforcement is now able to share this information with you.


About Jeff

Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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  1. What is the law regarding them residing near schools? How close to a school are they allowed to live?

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