To All My San Tan Valley Friends…

We did not write this. Rather, it is a post by a resident and former Board member of the San Tan Heights Home Owners Association, Jennifer Codd.

For those of you not familiar with this, it is regarding the proposed zoning change for the property in front of San Tan Heights along Hunt Hwy between Mountain Vista and Thompson.

This zoning change will impact our community, but not necessarily in a bad way. Initially it was zoned for more homes but the zoning change will create an area for businesses.

Arline and I were in the initial meeting for the zoning change a couple of years ago; present in that meeting were Steve Tomita, Mary Gloria (president of Pan de Vida), Ann Reed (former resident and a representative of the foothills community,  and a representative from GSTAC (the Greater San Tan Area Coalition).

The purpose of that initial meeting was to go through the approved uses for businesses and strike out those businesses that do not compliment our area. For example, we struck out Turkish baths, smoke shops, adult entertainment and many others.

Please check out this post by Jennifer. In the end whether you are for or against the zoning change here is your opportunity to have your voice heard by your local government.

To All My San Tan Valley Friends


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Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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