This press release is from the Arizona House of Representatives.

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1700 West Washington l Phoenix, Arizona l 85007-2844

PHONE:  (602) 926-3233



No. 1 pass through county in the United States set to
receive $5 million in state aid to protect citizens

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (Feb. 23, 2011) – In an effort to protect Arizona citizens from the violence plaguing our state from illegal immigration, Republican lawmakers in the Arizona House of Representatives want to fund border security operations in Pinal County where Sheriff Paul Babeu has launched a task force to hunt down drug cartels and human traffickers.

HB 2718 would allocate $5 million for Sheriff Babeu and his deputies to purchase equipment and supplies to provide border security in the absence of federal security and protection.

With illegal immigration still impacting our state, and the federal government believing the border is now secured, House Speaker Kirk Adams said Arizona needs to make sure Sheriff Babeu has the necessary resources to fulfill his responsibilities.

“This is an issue of national security. The federal government, Congress and the presidential administrations of both political parties have failed to secure and defend our border. Sheriff Babeu has stepped up to the plate and is fighting to protect Arizonans – in Pinal County and beyond,” said House Speaker Kirk Adams, sponsor of the legislation. “Years of neglect and denial have allowed Pinal County to become the top corridor into our state and country for illegal activity. Sheriff Babeu’s important and courageous work will help keep America and Arizona safe.”

“Arizona is once again taking the lead to secure our border and keep our citizens safe. Sheriff Babeu is leading the fight, and we join him in saying ‘enough is enough,’” said Speaker Pro Tempore Steve Montenegro, also a sponsor of HB 2718. “We can no longer allow these drug cartels and smuggling rings to run wild in our streets and deserts.”

Pinal County was selected to receive the funds due to the amount of illegal activity there, its unique border security operations and because it receives less federal funding than areas directly on the border.

Speaker Adams came up with the idea prior to the legislative session, when he heard about Sheriff Babeu’s task force on a local radio station.

Sheriff Babeu said that funds will arrive at a critical time.

“Pinal County is the No. 1 pass through county in America for drug and human smuggling,” said Sheriff Babeu. “Speaker Adams knows we’re the new front line and he’s confident that I’ll take the fight to the drug cartels who think they own the place. Speaker Adams has stepped up in a major way to protect Arizona families, defend the rule of law and is doing something the feds have not done – help me fight back.”

For more information or to schedule interviews, contact Daniel Scarpinato at 602-926-3233 or

Tim Gaffney

Public Information Officer
Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
971 Jason Lopez Circle
Florence, Arizona  85231
520-866-5174 office
520-705-8124 cell
520-866-5195 fax


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