Supevisor Update Feb 2011 from Bryan Martyn

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From: Bryan Martyn []

Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2011 11:01 PM

To: Bryan Martyn

Subject: Supevisor Update Feb 2011


Below is the most recent update. I apologize for not writing for the past two months.

Please let me know if you have any questions and let your friends know to send me an email if they want to be added to the distribution list…same directions if you’d like to removed.

I find myself sitting in Washington D.C. as I write this month’s update. Visits to our Congressional delegation and multiple departments/agencies throughout our Capitol have kept me walking from one meeting to the next.

My number one priority while here is getting Resolution Copper’s land swap completed. This issue represents over 7,000 jobs with an average salary of almost $70k. The Town of Superior will be re-born. We are talking billions of dollars in revenue to the state and millions to Pinal County. I want to thank Representative Gosar and Senator Kyl for working with the San Carlos Apache Indian Nation and the multiple stakeholders involved. We are closer than ever to making this dream a reality.

Victor Mendez, Director of the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), and I sat down together to discuss funding options for the expansion/improvement of Hunt Highway. Two years ago we were able to get $500,000 appropriated from Rep Kirkpatrick. Appropriations are handled differently now in D.C. Our transportation funds are currently allocated through FHA and the Arizona Dept of Transportation (ADOT). Fortunately, John Halikowski, Director of ADOT, was in also town and I had a chance to sit down with him and talk about Pinal County’s needs and specifically, Hunt Highway.

These past few months have been busy throughout District 2. We now have four new traffic lights in San Tan Valley; three on Hunt Highway and one on Ironwood. The intersection just north of San Tan Flats (Empire/Ellsworth) will be complete in the coming weeks. We’re also starting a re-paving project within the next month along parts of Hunt Highway.

New businesses continue to build in San Tan Valley. We have a new Walgreen’s and McDonalds. A Denny’s and Taco Bell will complete construction within a month. We even have a new Chamber of Commerce as our business owners step up to improve the economic development of the area. Good things are happening.

The community of Camino Largo continues to improve and unite. We were recently able to haul off over 20 tons of debris from throughout the community. Look for a couple new soccer goals in the coming weeks. I’ve found some citizens willing to donate the materials and labor…

I continue to work closely with the Town of Queen Creek on multiple issues that cross county lines. We’re now working some issues along Hunt Highway. Look for more news in the coming weeks.

BIG news in Florence! I’ve tried for the past two years to figure out a way to utilize/renovate the old courthouse. After a sizeable amount of arm twisting and searching for funds, the Board of Supervisors approved reallocating funds for the renovation of the courthouse. Instead of spending on a new building to house five supervisors and staff, we will protect a historic treasure and keep from expanding the footprint of government. The courthouse represents the heritage of our county and will surely provide both jobs and revenue for one of Arizona’s most eclectic towns, Florence.

Apache Junction continues to improve on what seems like a daily basis. The Trail is looking great and it’s inspiring to see the vision of the City Council as they embrace and invest in the future of the community. Additionally, Lost Dutchman Days was a great success. Thousands and thousands of locals and visitors were able to enjoy the heritage of the Wild West.

The Annual Lost Dutchman Marathon was a huge success. It’s wonderful to see the county and city work together to bring this showcase event to the area. I’m honored to sit on the board of this organization that annually raises and donates over $50,000 in the form of scholarships for our local youth. Almost all of the races were sold out this year!

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time at the State Legislature lately working to protect the State Park System and specifically, the Lost Dutchman State Park. There are a number of issues to deal with, but we’re doing all we can. I’ll keep fighting.

We’re making some nice changes in Gold Canyon these days. The Lutheran and Baptist churches on King’s Ranch look amazing. The architectural standards in the community rival the best communities in the state.

After meeting with a number of residents of the historic King’s Ranch Community, the county is about to embark on clearing a pedestrian path through the community. Increased traffic and narrow roads make this a priority. I’m anxious to move forward.

We recently had a great clean up of the Peralta Trail area. It is always good to get out and make a place better than when we arrived. The community continues to step up, roll up their sleeves, and make a difference.

Feel free to pass this along to your friends and HOAs. Don’t hesitate to call or write with your questions or comments. Thanks!



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