Supervisor Update for March 2011

From District 2 County Supervisor Bryan Martyn:

From: Bryan Martyn []
Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2011 11:45 AM
To: Bryan Martyn
Subject: Supervisor Update March 2011

Below is this month’s Supervisor Update.  Please don’t hesitate to call or write with your comments or questions.  Thanks-

Great things are happening in Pinal County.  March was a busy month.

I spent a few days in Washington, D.C. working with our Congressional

Delegation addressing the issues that affect our county and state.  Hunt

Highway, Resolution Copper, EPA Standards and Illegal Immigration were

all major topics.

I am pleased to report that the county has secured almost $6M in new

funds for Hunt Highway.  Look for construction to begin in the coming

months as we work from west to east.  This new money will take us just

east of Thompson Road.  We have a long way to go, but we are making


Speaking of progress, Central Arizona College is in negotiations to

purchase land for a 200-acre campus in San Tan Valley.  The campus would

be in the heart of the community; just east of Poston Butte High School

on Bella Vista Road.  I am working directly with the current property

owner to address zoning issues and how the county can help expedite the

project.  Educational opportunities are one of the most critical

elements of attracting jobs to the area.

Dr. Cecelia Johnson, Superintendent of the Coolidge Unified School

District, and I met this month to discuss the progress and

accomplishments of the three Coolidge USD schools in San Tan Valley.  I

know it’s confusing.  School districts boundaries don’t pay any

attention to community boundaries… We are working together to bring more

Math and Science to the classrooms.  If we ever want to get an Intel, we

need to grow more Engineers.

The Pinal County Taxpayer Association, Johnson Utilities Staff and I

met this month to discuss a plan to bring San Tan Valley together.  The

incorporation issue is resolved for the near term.  We must begin the

healing process if we are to move forward.  The Community Village

concept is one possibility.  There will be a number of meetings in the

coming months to both educate and listen to your input.  Please get


The renovation of the Old Courthouse in Florence is moving forward.  I

started reviewing possible plans for the interior layout.  More

importantly, I’ve been meeting with Florence Town Council members and

community activists as we look to enhance the Main Street in conjunction

with the Courthouse renovation.  Working together, we can surely kick

start the economy of Florence while reviving the historic heritage of

the area.

The State’s Budget continues to consume my time.  I continue to twist

arms and lobby our Legislators on behalf of a number of issues that

directly affect our county and our State Parks System.  As far as the

county’s budget, know that I am committed to reducing our budget and

to keeping our county property tax mil rate the same no matter the cost

shifts or the decreased revenue numbers.  We must reduce the size of

government.  The reduction of the budget is my number one priority!

The issue of Medical Marijuana was thrust into the spotlight in Gold

Canyon this month.  I met with almost 150 citizens to discuss my role in

the MM issue.  It was good to clarify not only where dispensaries can

go, but more importantly, the process to determine how they get approval

to locate in those locations.  I heard loud and clear that Gold Canyon

does not want a dispensary in their community.  As such, I will not

support any proposal within the Gold Canyon community.  But, every

community is different.  MM is here, like it or not.  The community will

have a say on where it is distributed.  Special thanks to A.D.O.B.E. for

setting up the meeting.

The Annual Pinal County Fair was held this month.  Near record numbers

marked one of rural Arizona’s finest traditions.  Big thanks to our 4H

and FFA kids.  Their focus this year was honoring our Military Veterans.

It is so good to see our kids embracing the things that have made

America great; our Agriculture and our Military.  You make me proud!

Arizona’s heritage is directly tied to the mining of copper.  We are

blessed with an abundant, revenue-generating resource.  It is incumbent

upon us all that we understand, appreciate and regulate copper

production.  I met with ASARCO Copper this month to discuss their future

operations.  We have a fantastic opportunity before us.  Look for

amazing things in the coming months relating to copper in Pinal County

and Arizona.

Finally, the Pinal County Water Element Committee completed their work

on the development of a Comprehensive Plan recommendation to the Board

of Supervisors.  Thank you to the entire committee and staff for your

time and expertise.  I believe we may now have a realistic,

comprehensive water plan for the future of our county.  Water is life

and we must use it wisely.

Feel free to pass this along to your friends and HOAs.  Don’t

hesitate to call or write with your questions or comments.  Thanks!


Bryan Martyn

Pinal County Supervisor-District 2

(520) 866-6104

(480) 982-0659


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