Call Data Files

Starting this week we’ve added a new feature to the Crime Maps tab. We’ve created four week increments of crime maps and added a new link to files called Call Data, which is a breakdown of the types calls made from within San Tan Heights to the PCSO.

We do the Crime Maps and get total number of calls, but that total may be misleading to the overall picture. For instance, if you look at the top six reasons this year residents called the PCSO from San Tan Heights these are the results you’ll get:

  1. Burglary – 21
  2. Theft – 18
  3. Suspicious Activity – 15
  4. Suspicious Vehicle – 13
  5. Suspicious Person – 11
  6. Quads / ATVs – 11

The total here are 88 calls. Sounds like a lot, but the fact of the matter is that 39(44%) of those calls  were residents calling in about a Suspicious Activity, Vehicle or Person. Which is how it all works. So we hope this keeps everything in perspective, and gives us a tool in the future when requesting extra patrols if warranted and going before the Board with our monthly reports.

In the Call Data spreadsheet you’ll have two tabs of information (located at bottom left); Call Data and Data Chart.

    • Types of calls totaled over four weeks
    • Total calls made over four weeks
    • Total calls made year to date
    • This is a year to date bar chart showing the total calls made and a break down for each type of call.

These  are Excel files (.XLS). For those of you without Microsoft Excel there is a free and very good work around called Open Office. This is an open source suite of programs that rival the Microsoft Office suite of programs… and did I say it’s free?

Simply download the latest Call Data file, open your spreadsheet program in Open Office, drag and drop the file to an open and empty spreadsheet. The formatting of the chart is a little off but the integrity of the data is there.

Download Open Office here.


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Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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