Recent Crime Activity

Over the past four months we’ve noticed a spike in calls to the PCSO. But it’s most consistent over the last five weeks where we’ve averaged 18.2 calls per week; the weekly average for 2010 was 12.5 calls per week. But a lot of calls were to report suspicious activity of some sort. However, these are still calls that needed to get made.

Last month there were 80 homes sold in San Tan Heights; the number is encouraging but we remain cautiously optimistic. We’ve been down this road before where investors come in and buy up properties then rent to anyone with a checking account and a pulse. Again, I’m not bashing renters. We have great renters on our street and we are seeing a lot more families in the parks. But I do think we have a mixed bag and it’s showing in the number of calls to the PCSO.

Last week we’ve started using Google for our Crime Maps. The map for San Tan Heights is accurate and we started using the color coded pins Google offers. We’ve broken out the calls to 6 four hour time slots:

Mid Night – 4am: BLUE
4am – 8am: ORANGE
8am – 12pm: GREEN
12pm – 4pm: LIGHT BLUE
4pm – 8pm: YELLOW
8pm – Mid Night: PURPLE

We’ve given this information to the Director for the Citizens On Patrol program and a local COPs volunteer in the hopes it will assist with their patrols in San Tan Heights. We’ve kept Lt. Brown in the loop as well.

Crime Map for May 2 – 8


If you see suspicious activity, please report it to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at:





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Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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