New Social Media

Below is an excerpt from a note I wrote on our new Facebook page. It’s all about bringing the Block Watch closer to you and making it more hands on. We’ve changed the right sidebar and added new links to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Feel free to post on the wall, this is a Block Watch Facebook page so it’s up to us to make everyone aware what’s happening in our neighborhoods. Why wait for a Crime Map to publish when you can get the info out right here?

We’ve tried this before but we thought we’d just try it again. We realize not everything is worthy of a post to the website at, but there are many things that go by without being noticed like different community meetings on networking, etc.

That’s why we wanted to start this page back up again. In a world that (due to technology) goes by at the speed of the bandwidth you purchased, it’s easy to miss stuff that may be happening just a few miles away.

We’ve also changed the right sidebar of the website to reflect new links to our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Since most everyone has a Facebook account I won’t go into the details of it’s usefulness. But what’s all the hoopla about Twitter?

Well, we have three Twitter  accounts:

  1. Personal
  2. Friends of the San Tan Mountain Regional Park
  3. San Tan Heights Community Watch

Each account we have set up to get news feeds from different sources. Our personal account is more news and odd things. The account for Friends of the San Tan Mountain Regional Park we are getting feeds on recycling, nature and outdoorsy stuff. The account for our Block Watch we get feeds on safety, crime, local news.

Every account has a specific target and when I post (tweet – still not liking that term) or re-tweet something it gets posted to the Websites, Twitter AND Facebook accounts.

Our hope is to make it easier to get the information that is so hard to get out here and create more of a community feel as well as use this medium as a source of information for everyone in San Tan Heights.

Again, feel free to write on the wall of this page. San Tan Heights is your community and this is up for you to use.

Kind Regards,

Jeff and Arline.


About Jeff

Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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