Supervisor Update for May 2011

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Supervisor Update

by Bryan Martyn on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 7:54am

 The first week in May has been a whirlwind of activity.  I usually write about the previous month.  But, this update includes both April and the first part of May.

The assault on Osama bin Laden’s compound took the country by surprise; a pleasant surprise I might add.  The single man responsible for death and anguish among all Americans is now gone.  The announcement of his death will surely be one of those “Where were you when…” moments.

As a former Special Operations helicopter pilot, I was pleased to see the operation completed with the precision and professionalism our military is known for.

I was honored to be interviewed on nearly every local television station and multiple radio stations throughout Phoenix to address the operation and to provide insight into the actions of the aircrews and Navy SEALs.  Follow this link to see Fox 10’s Newsmaker Sunday program with host John Hook. (

Sticking with the military theme, I had the pleasure to meet with the head of the Mesa Boeing AH-64D Apache Helicopter Plant in April.  I spent the better part of an afternoon discussing opportunities for Boeing in Pinal County.  However, the best part of the afternoon was getting to spend some time back in the cockpit of the baddest helicopter in the world; the AH-64 Apache! (

April brought to a close my time with the Hispanic Leadership Institute-Pinal.  I graduated the leadership course with seventeen other Pinal County current and future leaders.  Every leader should take the time to explore and to learn more of the Latino issues in Arizona; from the Latino perspective.  Thanks to all my classmates and teachers for helping me to see another side of a major issue in Arizona and America. (

I had the pleasure of being the guest speaker for April’s Pinal County Citizens for Excellence in Government meeting.  PCCEG continues to promote non-partisan involvement in county government to oversee spending and the administration of county programs and functions. (

Gold Canyon’s A.D.O.B.E. held their last meeting of the season in April.  I was given the honor of being the guest speaker.  The colorful meeting encompassed everything from the county’s budget to medical marijuana.

Our State Parks managed to survive the Arizona Legislature’s axe this year.  My work on the Arizona State Parks Foundation was made much easier thanks to the efforts of the thousands of Park supporters throughout the state.  The Friends of the Lost Dutchman State Park continue to lead the way by showing what volunteers and government can do when working together.  Continue to support Pinal County’s five State Parks; Lost Dutchman, Boyce Thompson, McFarland, Picacho and Oracle. (

The Camino Largo Community of San Tan Valley continues to make amazing progress.  A group of ASU architecture students have made a proposed community center the focus of the past semester.  Their plans were presented to the community on a recent Saturday morning.  The students did a fantastic job of embracing the feel of the area.  The next goal is to raise $20,000 to buy the land needed to place the community center.  Let me know if you’re interested in helping!

The monthly ‘Breakfast with Bryan’ meetings continue to be a big success.  It is a great time to bring your issues or to just sit and talk.  “I’ll buy the coffee.”

2nd Tuesday – Florence (Old Pueblo)

3rd Tuesday – Apache Junction (Village Inn)

3rd Thursday – Gold Canyon (Red Sage)

4th Tuesday – San Tan Valley (Terrace)

Finally, this past week I watched our local stray cat give birth to seven kittens in our garage.  The cycle of life continues and America is no different.  Our issues will come and go.  Staying positive and working together are the keys to keeping our nation great.

Feel free to pass this along to your friends and HOAs.  Don’t hesitate to call or write with your questions or comments.  Thanks!


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Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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  1. Timothy O'Brien

    What time is Breakfast with Bryon?

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