Open Letter to James Walsh – County Attorney for Pinal

Regarding the recent arrests of two adults and one juvenile, Arline and I are sending a letter to our County Attorney James Walsh to rethink leniency for the juvenile who carried a loaded gun onto Mountain Vista Middle School grounds. We don’t know if he is thinking about leniency, we just want to be clear that anything less than the maximum allowed under the law would not be viewed kindly.

Please email James Walsh, County Attorney for Pinal County at with your concerns on this matter. Or, if you’d like us to add your name to this letter then let us know via email at PLEASE PUT “ADD ME” IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

Mr. Walsh,

My wife and I coordinate the Block Watch in San Tan Heights in San Tan Valley. Last week on May 10th there were three arrests (two adults, one juvenile)  plus numerous items confiscated that were stolen.

The minor was arrested after jumping the fence at Mountain Vista Middle School and attempting to blend in. But he also carried onto school grounds a loaded semi-automatic pistol with a round in the chamber.

My understanding is that depending on prior criminal history juveniles are handled more leniently than adults. Mr. Walsh, I certainly hope that is not the case with this individual. The adults he was with were charged with 222 counts of theft and two counts of burglary. The juvenile carried a loaded gun on to one of our schools and anything less than maximum under the law would serve my community a great disservice.

As of last week the calls from San Tan Heights to the PCSO are up 8% over the average from last year. Leniency at this point will send a very bad message to the people who commit crimes in our community.

Kind Regards,

Jeff and Arline Studley, Coordinators for San Tan Heights Community Watch

Rob Wise, former San Tan Heights HOA President

Dr. Cecilia E. Johnson, Ph.d. Superintendent of Coolidge Unified School District

Denise Taylor, resident

Laurie L. Black, Principal of San Tan Heights Elementary

Mike and Candy Hess, homeowners

Ron Woodward, homeowner

Joy Zuras, homeowner

Randi Gaeta    –     homeowner

Bambi Black-Sandquist, homeowner, business owner

Janet Kandas Anderson, homeowner, business owner

Ruth Ann Penrose, student

Philip Young, resident

Donna Kesner, resident

Lori Millhouse, homeowner

Julie Cruse, homeowner

Melissa Sinclair-Grote, homeowner

Karen Mooney, homeowner

Harold, homeowner

Roger Nussbaum and Rebecca Joyce, homeowners

Tracy and Ronald Szatkowski, homeowners

The Moore’s, residents

Rod Vandiver, homeowner

Joanne Vandiver, homeowner

Phillip Gaeta, homeowner

Jennifer and David Codd, homeowner and business owner


Here are the arrest report info on the two adults:

Inmate Name : JAMES, CHARLES E

Name Number : 3324128 Age : 19


Arrest Number: 190253 Arrest Time/Date: 13:29:00 05/10/11

Arrest Type : PC Arrested By : A PORRAS Agency : PCSO

Loc of Arrest: ALICE & MTN VISTA Booking Number : 175851



Name Number : 3364283 Age : 18


Arrest Number: 190251 Arrest Time/Date: 13:29:00 05/10/11

Arrest Type : PC Arrested By : M TRAYNOR Agency : PCSO

Loc of Arrest: ALISON RD / MNT VIST Booking Number : 175848


About Jeff

Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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  1. Ron Woodward

    I fully support this letter.

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