Just a quick update

As we post items to this website important information gets pushed down. For this reason I’ve made the post on the attempted abduction this week so it stays on top. And we just wanted to reiterate the importance of being a good witness. The young victim did a tremendous job on the description of the suspect and his vehicle.

Please keep your eyes open for:

A white male, about 25-26 years old with black hair, wearing a cowboy hat, a white muscle shirt and black jeans driving a white Ford Cargo Van with a dent on the driver’s side. The year is unknown.

There are many styles of Ford Cargo Vans; frankly if I didn’t know what it looked like I couldn’t pick it out of a line up. The video below is of a 2001 model. But the 2009 models looked similar to this model.


As most of you know we are getting signatures to add to a letter we will send to James Walsh, County Attorney for Pinal County. The intent is to let him know we as a group of concerned residents, homeowners, business owners, community leaders and professionals DO NOT want leniency shown to the juvenile who took a loaded gun onto Mountain Vista Middle school campus on May 10th.

You can find the letter here.

The list is growing and includes Dr. Cecilia E. Johnson, Ph.D, Superintendent of Coolidge Unified School District. If you’d like to add your name please let us know by Sunday, May 22nd. You can send an email to STHCW@LIVE.COM – please use ADD ME in the subject line.


And don’t forget we have a Facebook page now. The link is on the ride sidebar. We post many things there that do not go onto this website. If you find you like it please use the “Like” button. It would really help us out!

Have a great weekend!


About Jeff

Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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