Horizon Newsletter Submission

Below is our article submission for the Horizon Newsletter for the San Tan Heights HOA. You can pick up a copy at the office on the SW corner of Hunt and Village Lane or download it online at http://www.mysantanheights.org. But until it’s ready to print, here is our submission.


Sheriff Babeu established a “beat system” for his Deputies when he took office in January. 2009. This plus the computers in the patrol cars out going Sheriff Vasquez was working on helped reduce response times of calls to the PCSO. Our Lieutenant for this region is Lt. Doug Brown and his region was Florence east, west and north. THAT is a lot of space to cover effectively.

Well good news. As of June 27 Lt. Brown will be in charge of San Tan Valley only, with an increased number of Deputies. What does this mean for us? Better coverage by saturation. Lt. Brown is stationed in the Gantzel Substation located in the Fry’s Shopping Center at Combs and Gantzel. Lt. Brown has been very attentive to the needs of our community and is always there when we need him. Thankfully he is not so spread out anymore and his experience will be more centered on San Tan Valley.


The top three types of calls to the PCSO from within STH are for Theft, Burglary and Criminal Damage. They account for 29% of the calls year to date. Conversely, calls for Suspicious Person, Vehicle or Activity account for 25% of the calls to the PCSO. And that’s how it all works; you see something suspicious and you call it in. But don’t forget to give your neighbors a heads up as well. The more eyes the better.

Here are a few ways to keep from becoming a victim:

  • Install a home alarm system. It protects your home while you are away and your family while you are asleep.
  • If you park your car outside remove or hide valuables (day or night).
    • GPS units are the most stolen items from vehicles.
    • Garage door openers are another key to your house. A garage door opener plus car registration info tells a thief where you live and now they have a key.
  • “Beware of Dog” Signs can be effective.
  • If you can’t park your car in your garage, park under a light if possible.
  •  Keep your front porch and coach lights on at night as well as any back yard lights.


We have always tried to find new and better ways to make it easy for you to get information. It started with a blog on Google, then one on Windows Live (both involving mass emails from our personal computer).

We’ve had our new site up and running on WordPress for exactly one year in June and we’re happy to say that it is working out quite well. We are at 16,801 hits as of this writing and climbing. You can join the others and subscribe to be notified of new posts when we post them. Just go to http://sthcw.com and enter your email address at the top right. You will get notification of new posts within in a minute of when we publish them.

But it’s more than just blog posts. We also have:

  • Crime Maps so you know where calls to the PCSO are coming from within STH.
  • Press Releases from the PCSO.
  • Contact Info for STHCW, the PCSO, Animal Control, Graffiti Hotline and Lt. Brown.

In an effort to get information out more effectively we’ve also created a Facebook Page and a Twitter account. Those links are on the website at http://sthcw.com.

Jeff and Alrine


About Jeff

Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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