Keeping Children Safe on Web Chats

Video conferencing has come a long way; from the tangled web of wires and microphones encircling a large table in a room full of stuffed shirts, to your kids or grand-kids bedroom listening to rock in one ear and video chatting with the other.

Don’t get me wrong, I love new technology. But we’ve seen seen how things like texting can become “sexting”. Just because your kid is in the house doesn’t mean there is brick and mortar protecting him or her. The world can come into your house over a wireless connection and that’s why it is important to lay down the ground rules with computers.

And now that Facebook and Google+ have come out with video chats it become even easier for our children to leave the house without ever opening the bedroom door. Facebook video chat is more like a one on one video telephone call. But Google+ created “hangouts” where up to 10 people can chat at the same time.

It can be a useful and fun tool. But unsupervised things can get out of hand. Here is a good article on the subject of keeping your kids safe on Facebook.

Guide to Keeping Children Safe on Facebook Video Chat


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