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August 2011 Board Report


In the last four weeks calls to the PCSO from STH are down 22%.  From an average of 50 calls per four week block, to 39. Also down were calls for the top two crimes occurring in STH;

  • Theft – AVG is 5.5 down to 3
  • Burglary – AVG 5 down to 2
  • Criminal Damage calls remained the same as the AVG, 3
  • Calls reporting Suspicious Activity, Vehicle or Person(s) – AVG 12 down to 8


Regarding the recent activity with the car break ins we’d like to thank the Board and Rossmar & Graham for being integral at getting the message out to the residents of STH. We do not take sending out mass emails lightly; it’s a balance between being an alarmist and what is best for the community.

Once we saw a definite pattern and specific area being affected we marked the area on the crime map, the red flag was raised and the Board to action.

Also in the loop was Lt. Brown; he was aware of the increase in activity and forwarded our email to his staff with instructions for extra patrols in the area.


Which of the following is the most common means of identity theft?

A: Looking over someone’s shoulder in line at a store.
B: Stolen mail.
C: Dumpster diving (going through a person’s trash).
D: Stolen wallets or purses.

C, Dumpster Diving. Shred all documents you plan to throw away, especially if you leave your trash out over night.