How You Can Help

It’s been relatively quiet for a little while, save for an instance where the red flag was hoisted. But overall San Tan Heights is doing pretty good; calls for theft, burglary and criminal damage are flat or down and it looks like the calls for suspicious activity are going up. And that’s our best tool – open eyes and the willingness to be involved. Those calls for suspicious activity really do work!

This post is only a simple reminder of how you can help and how easy it actually is.

One of the most asked questions for us is “What do I have to do”? Short answer is not much.

A Block Watch is just that, people looking out for their neighborhood.

  • If you see something suspicious or out of place call the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at 520.866.5111. If it’s an emergency, always dial 911.
    • Never expect that someone else will call about a situation. As a matter of fact, the more calls about a single instance raises red flags and gets the attention of the Sheriff’s Office.
    • You don’t want to over do it, but the more calls to the Sheriff’s Office makes them aware of the issues. As a result we get more patrols.
  • Communicate to your neighbors when you see something suspicious so everyone is aware. The more eyes the better.
  • Designate a Block Captain if you like – not necessary, but your neighbors will know there is a “go to” person.
    • If you choose to be a Block Captain, let us know! As people start asking about the Block Watch we can steer them to you if you are in their neighborhood!
    • Start a Phone Tree – get your neighbors’ contact information.
    • If you can get a couple of neighbors to take a walk around your neighborhood every now and then it makes a good presence and lets people know there is an active community here that is watching. The last thing a criminal wants is an active and watchful community… kinda bums them out.

A Block Watch, simply put, are neighbors watching out for neighbors.


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