Privacy Matters : 4 Tips For The Firefox Web Browser

We received these tips this morning from Mozilla and thought we’d pass them on to you. Again, these tips are only for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. This is not an endorsement of the product, we are only passing this on for informational purposes only.

4 Features for Desktop Privacy

The Web is pretty happy place full of puppies, clouds and rainbows (and cats, of course). Unfortunately, there are also some big meanies out there who don’t play nice with people’s private information. Here, then, are some tools to help you keep your info your own.
Do Not Track
Many sites track what you do online and then sell that data to advertisers; Firefox lets you tell them you want to opt out. This doesn’t yet make you invisible to all advertisers, however, and while not everyone is on board yet, we’ve seen a lot of interest and progress. If you haven’t already, show your support by enabling Do Not Track on your desktop or mobiletoday.

Private Browsing
This feature does exactly what it says. Turn it on to keep your browsing history private from others who use the same computer. Sometimes it’s nice to go undercover.

Clear Recent History
Forgot to turn on Private Browsing? No problem. You can delete the most recent sites you visited with just a few clicks.

Forget This Site
If you’re having second thoughts about visiting a specific site, but don’t want to lose your whole history, you can remove any trace of it from your browser. It’s like it never existed in the first place. (What site? Exactly.)


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