Board Report November 2011

San Tan Heights Community Watch

Board Report November 2011



Top Three Crime Calls


Criminal Damage




Total                                       4 Week Average                                Last four Weeks


Burglary 47                                          4.4                                                       6   + %26

Criminal Damage 38                            3.44                                                      6   + %43

Theft 61                                              5.6                                                       7   + %20


Susp. Activity 52                                  4.7                                                       8   + %41

Susp. Person 49                                    4.5                                                       6   + %25

Susp. Vehicle 33                                   3                                                          1   -%200

In the last three weeks there have been three instances of vacant homes being broken into and appliances stolen. Probably happening in the middle of the night as the calls are coming in the start of business day.

For those of you at the meeting tonight there is a link to a map that will be published to our website in the morning. Here is the map to the locations of vacant house break ins.

Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. But like the car break ins we were having last Feb., these are crimes that have been planned. If your neighborhood has empty homes, please be aware of strange cars that may be staking out these homes.

The bottom line is it cost you and I money in home values when things like this occur.


About Jeff

Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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