Social Media Used For Curbing/Stopping Crime.

Our Block Watch here in San Tan Heights has done well; more people are reporting crimes and that is always good. But as far as a flow of information, it’s pretty much one way. I’ve been looking at what other Block Watches and Police Departments are doing nation wide with social media in relation to the reporting of crimes. It’s pretty impressive what can be done.




Will social networks alone make you safer? Not a chance. That’s our responsibility, not Mark Zukerbergs . We are the one’s that need to be out and making a presence and calling in suspicious activity. Social networks can work in our favor, though. An educated community is a well armed community.

Just look at the Crime Maps; these are daily heads up on what’s happening in your neighborhood. But, and it’s a big but, it is AFTER the incident has happened. The issue is how do get the pertinent information out in real time. We see the suspicious activity reports all the time in the Crime Maps. Wouldn’t you like to know about suspicious activity before you read see in the Crime Maps? That moment has already past.

Starting 2012 I’d like to start using a private network

that we can use to report suspicious activity to ourselves.


Always report anything you see to the PCSO, but really, can we really wait 24 hours or more to tip off our neighbors?

It’s Block Watch 101; if you see something suspicious the more eyes on it the better, which results in more calls which raises red flags at the PCSO.

So how do you get your information out to your neighbors? I’ve been struggling with this for sometime. Our HOA has taken down the community message board so here we are. You reading what I type.

All this leads to a select few questions. If you would please just take a couple of minutes and read the questions below we’d appreciate it. This is NOT a poll as we’ve done in the past. As much as I like tinkering, this is just some questions to ask yourself. We would like to move forward and improve our Block Watch, but we can’t proceed without your input and participation.


  • Would you be willing to use a private network to report suspicious activity to your neighbors?
  • If you are alerted about something, are you willing to take a drive or walk and check it out yourself?
  • If the alert is not in your neighborhood, are you still willing to check it out?

It’s really about participation. We get calls all the time to our home from residents and we check them out as best as we can. As I stated above, more people are calling suspicious activity in to the PCSO and that’s a good thing. I’d like to start reporting these things to ourselves as well.

I’ve started using Google+ and probably will make that the main source of getting information out quickly and fazing out Facebook.

With Google+ comes many features including the ability to start a private group which I’ve already done and this is where those willing to participate can post suspicious activity. This is by invitation only and you have to email us to let us know you are interested in participating.

If this sounds like something that you feel can keep our neighborhoods safer and would like to participate, email us at STHCW@LIVE.COM with the subject line ADD ME and we will add you to that group.

Thanks and have a great Holiday Weekend!


About Jeff

Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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