A Safety Message from the City of Mesa’s Energy Resources Department

Is Your Kid An e-SMARTkid?


Take an interactive journey into e-SMARTkids to engage your child’s imagination with educational games and hands-on activities to use energy safely and responsibly at home and at school.


e-SMARTkids is 100% kid-friendly and 100% kid-safe and can be accessed any time at home or in the classroom.    Kids will learn where energy comes from, the travels of electricity and natural gas, and so much more.  Have you ever wondered why shoes hanging on a power line don’t get fried? Or why natural gas flames are blue? Or whether garbage could someday be a source of energy? Now you can get answers to these and all your energy-related questions. Just Ask an Expert!


Is your family saving energy at home? Does your family use electricity and natural gas safely?  Using e-SMARTkids home inspection checklists, your family will be able perform home inspections to help identify energy efficiencies or safety issues.


Teachers can also take advantage of using e-SMARTkids in the classroom to enhance classroom learning through science education with standards-based learning using downloaded instructional guides and curriculum-based games and videos.  Teachers can also sign-up to receive a FREE classroom presentation on using natural gas energy safely and responsibly from City of Mesa Energy Resources personnel.


The energy-use habits your kids develop when they are young will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Visit www.mesaaz.gov/energy to begin your journey.



About Jeff

Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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  1. Why are the water bills so high out here?

    • Depends who you’re with. If you’re with Johnson Utilities it’s a private company and they charge a lot. And supply and demand.In the last 78 days Phoenix has had a whopping .12 inches of rain.

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