Graffiti on Cherry Creek Wash

We have an issue. In the last three weeks there have been 13 thefts and burglaries. Per week that’s a 100% increase from the per week average last year. Now graffiti is popping up and it’s probably all related. I left a voice mail for the Lieutenant for our region, Wayne Cashman, as well as a follow up email to him, Captain Doug Brown, the Lieutenant over the Posse and the Coordinator for COPs.

That stuff in the pics above, that’s got to end.


From John Torres of Rossmar & Graham:

“It was discovered this morning that sometime through out last night the cinder block wall we had just repainted two days prior for graffiti, was tagged again. It is in the Cherry Creek Wash and the graffiti is visible from the corner of W. Roberts Rd & N. Royce Rd. The graffiti was the same style & colors as the two days prior. I have already filed a report with the PCSO this morning.

I also forwarded the photos to the PCSO to add to the case file and requested extra patrols from the PCSO & Posse in that area.”


OK, so we have a location, time and style. We also have a reward for up to $1000 for damaging HOA common property here in San Tan Heights. My feeling is that the recent uptick in thefts and burglary and this graffiti are probably related.  So here’s the deal…

  • Parents and Grandparents, please forward the link to this post to your middle and high school. This scrawl may be on notebooks and papers way out in the open.
    • San Tan Foothills High School Principal, Steve Adolph:
    • Mountain Vista Middle School Principal, Denise Taylor:
      • Here is the link to copy and paste:
        • It’s not my intent for our schools to be the police of the community, they have bigger issues with educating our children. But I do think they can be a viable partner since we all work, live and play in San Tan Heights.
  • Everyone, please email Lt. Cashman at and tell him this is NOT acceptable. Tell him we just don’t want more patrols, we want arrests.
    • We are doing our part as a community and we are letting the PCSO know there is a problem in San Tan Heights… fix it.
  • These people may not even be in school so that may cancel out the first step. So,
    • Stay vigilant and If You See Something, Say Something; it’s just how it works…
    • All the numbers you need to contact if you see something are on the right sidebar of this post.

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Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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  1. Just another step as well- talk to our school age kids- mainly middle and high school! Show them the photos since kids like to talk I’d bet they know who did it. Let them know that there is award-money talks! Also let the kids know that this is illegal and if they get caught they’d be in jail, their parents responsible (if under the age of 18) for their actions and ALL monetary damages incurred! I hope this stop real soon.

  2. Good suggestion, Kathryn. What I’ve done is taken out the slideshow and replaced it with the individual pictures. If you right click residents should be able to download to their computers.

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