Increase In Theft And Criminal Damage



Not many people click on the link I post every four weeks that is called Year To Date Call Data spreadsheet. No big deal, I do this mostly to justify a call to our region Lieutenant if I need to. This week, I need to.


If you click this link  (just to see what I’m talking about) you will open up the latest Excel document for call data.


It’s cumulative, every week I write down what calls are being made from STH. Every four weeks I total all the calls and put them into this spreadsheet.


In the second column you’ll see totals for each type of call, the last column are the averages of each type of call per four week block, the bottom row are the total calls for each four week block.


We just finished week 36 and the total calls from STH is really close to the average for the year so far (44 per four week block) . However, the calls for theft (10) and criminal damage (6) are up 32% and 35% respectively.


 Red Flag.

If you see something, say something. But that’s it. We do not pursue or confront. Just call the PCSO non-emergency number at 1.520.866.5111 to report suspicious activity. The numbers show we have an issue and the more calls to the PCSO gets their attention.

FYI, the numbers for reporting Suspicious Activity remained flat at 5, reporting a Suspicious Person calls dropped 25% to 3 and reporting a Suspicious Vehicle climbed about 20% to 3… for a four week period.



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Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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