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Warren Street Neighborhood Watch Reduces Crime 70%

I did a retweet from USAonWatch about a Block Watch group in Arkansas, The Warren Street Neighborhood Watch. The reason for the retweet was that this group reduced crime in their neighborhood by 70%. A typical working Block Watch can reduce crime by 60% so their numbers are really good.

Cathy Ross from our group posed this question. “So how did they do it”?

The short answer is to have a zero tolerance for crime, then leg work and persistence.

Here is the response from Barbara Mashburn from Warren Street Neighbors:

Hi Jeff Studley

I will be happy to share with you, how we reduced crime. Our Neighborhood watch started in April of 2011 and we started with 40 residents from 3 streets that were interested in getting rid of crime.

First we established Block Captains for each street then established walkers during the morning and the middle of the day that reported back to the leader if anything was strange,and we also had people that worked at night that would drive through the streets to make sure everything looked okay before they went to work, if not he called the leader or the police. We still do this today.

Next we posted neighborhood Watch signs,at both ends of all three streets. This seem to work for a while but still had a few issues with streets that were behind ours, so we went door to door on the streets behind us and invited them to join our neighborhood watch program, not all of them joined but at least they knew we had a neighborhood watch in place with people watching them.

We also put signs up along the intersection about our neighborhood Watch(You know they say Knowledge is can empower you)This can be a crime deterrent by its self I believe.

After this is when the police got tips from our neighbors about drugs and there has been 2 major drug bust in our neighborhood because of the “Text-A-Tip” (this program is totally anonymous)  that the Sheriff’s office started. We have seen it happen, after this is when we started seeing our crime numbers drop.We still have a few issues but they seem to be small in number and our local police department is thrilled that we are taking such interest in our neighborhood. I know its the only way to stay safe. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like.Thank You for contacting me I am very passionate about our neighborhood watch program.

Thank You

God Bless

Barbara Mashburn

What Warren Street has done is pretty awesome and much like what we’ve done, or I hope. Here is a paragraph from a post I did this past Sept. 30th:

If everyone reading this contacts the neighbors on either side of their house plus the one across the street, and those people do the same it would be a big help. The more people watching out the better. And ask them to put their coach and porch lights on at night, too. Got lights in the back yard? Put those on as well. These streets are dark and light is the last thing a criminal wants.

Now last week we saw a big drop in crime related calls and suspicious activity calls went up. And I hope it’s because people are going to talk to their neighbors and asking them to talk to theirs about looking out more and reporting suspicious activity. It’s not always relative that suspicious calls go up and crime calls go down, but that is where persistence comes in.

So if you haven’t talked to your neighbors about this, please do. It worked on Warren Street. It can work on ours.