Sex Offender Notifications

As these sex offender notices come out from the PCSO I re post them; sometimes here but always to the Facebook and Twitter accounts we use. The problem is they get buried by other posts and “virtually” go away.

But they are important and the ones we get are for the whole of Pinal County, not just our area. Our feeling is that many of us may have family and friends all over so what we’ve done is built a page specifically for these notices (the right most tab on top). The links are are created by date and location.  For instance:

Oct 15 / Florence

Newest notices go to the top, but all are easily seen and if you’ve got family or friends in the area specified in the link just click the link then right click to Save or Mail.

The page has just started but I included all the notices for October so far and as I said, as new ones come in they will go to the top.

Please remember, these sex offenders are people that have paid their debt to society. By putting these notices up we are in no way encouraging anyone to approach, taunt or otherwise harass these people. This is solely meant to keep people informed.


About Jeff

Long time volunteer in the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area of Arizona.

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