Numerous Burglary Cases Solved



If you recall several weeks ago we had a pretty big spike in crime; usually happens when we get a new resident that goes against the social norm. The numbers went up for a few weeks but ended abruptly as if the person(s) were caught, I just never saw an arrest report quantifying that from within San Tan Heights.

The next logical leap would be that a crew was operating in San Tan Heights that resided elsewhere. And apparently that might be the case.

If you read the press release below you’ll see that two people were arrested with items recovered that had been stolen in recent weeks. If you were a victim of theft or burglary in the last couple of months you may want to contact the PCSO and see if your things were recovered.

FYI – The last data sheet I did a couple of weeks ago showed a 75% drop in thefts and a small drop in burglaries. Criminal damage went up but due to graffiti. Calls for suspicious activity and suspicious vehicles went up and that’s a good thing.

If you see something, say something.

Deputies, Detectives and Victims Work Together to Solve Rash of Burglaries

Related article about the spike in crime.


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