Most Passwords Are ‘Open’ To Hackers – How To Create One That Isn’t

Here’s a real good read on the importance on and how easy it is to create very strong passwords. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got so many different accounts I’ve put them all into an encrypted spreadsheet tucked neatly away on a password protected Flash Drive. The method described here even I can remember and do away with the spreadsheet and save the flash drive for pics of the grand kid because as many as we get were going to have to increase bandwidth 🙂
More than 90% of passwords used by internet users could be vulnerable to hackers, according to research by consultancy firm Deloitte. Bad habits such as re-using passwords mean that many passwords can be cracked simply – giving hackers a ‘back door’ into accounts. When people create a password of ‘mixed’ capitals, numbers and letters, it often follows a pattern – with capitals at the start and numbers at the end. This makes passwords easy for criminals to guess – with a recent study of six million passwords showing that 10,000 guesses could have unlocked 98.1% of them.
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  1. The easiest way to remember multiple passwords is to purchase a password manager program like Roboform ( It will generate automatically up to 20 characters for a password and keep them in a file on you desktop. You only need one password to access your file and Roboform will also enter them for you automatically. There are other password managers out there, so I recommend everyone who has sensitive accounts to use a password manager and you no longer have to scratch your head each time you want a new password or to remember one.

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