Battle Of The Bands 2008


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The Block Watch program only goes so far. Arline and I felt that in order to change societal issues you need to develop a strong base; society’s children. We were on the ground floor of the first Optimist Club in this area ever, The Southeast Valley Optimist Club. You can see our sign of the road we dedicated to clean up once a year on the way to the Pork Shop before Encantara on Combs.

Besides being in fund raising mode most of the time to create programs for the area youth, the Optimist have dedicated fundraisers for certain key projects. One project being an annual fund raiser for Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Arline and I pitched the idea of a Battle of the Bands. It was something new, would bring people out to the area and help the kids in the cancer ward. It was a go and along with Marilyn Pell of the Optimist we put it together. The first place winner was The Dorsets who are local and actually were based between San Tan Heights and San Tan Flat on the left going towards Ellsworth.

We worked with 93.3 KDKB in Phoenix and they were very open to helping out. We got Ruby Cheeks to mc the event. Nothing like having a pro at the mic!


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