Little Mexico Clean Up 2010

Little Mexico – Bridging Communities 2010

This event was in the making for a few years. The Pan de Vida Foundation president, Mary Gloria, sought the help of outlaying communities to come in and help not only clean up the area, but build bridges to it. Little Mexico is a small area in Pinal County mostly populated by migrants. Arline and I went to help get a Block Watch going. We met with key leaders that have passion and are driven to make their small community a point of pride. They are also looking to the County for additional services. Pictured above are Mary Gloria, Supervisor Martyn and Dr. Amy Fuller

Little Mexico Clean Up

There is a lot to be said for community based action groups. But the community clean up in Little Mexico on October 16th left us speechless. If I may quote Gordon Brown…

“Only two things unify people. One is fear, the other is love. One is easily manufactured, the other matters.

This was  the theme of the day in Little Mexico during the clean up. Strangers meeting strangers and huffing it out all day to make a difference.

Read the rest of the post and view the video here. View the slide show here.

1_Clean Up in Little Mexico 012

1_Clean Up in Little Mexico 010


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