National Sheriff’s Association

“NSA’s roots can be traced back to October 1888, when a group of sheriffs in Minnesota and surrounding states formed an organization, which they named the Inter-State Sheriffs’ Association. The purpose of this association was to give opportunity for a wider, mutual acquaintance, to exchange ideas for more efficient service, and to assist on another in the apprehension of criminals.”

That was taken from the National Sheriff’s Association website, and it is exactly what we tried to do several years ago with other Block Watches in the San Tan Valley area; collaborate and exchange ideas. Discuss what worked and what didn’t work. Why reinvent the wheel? Who was involved? Coordinators for Block Watches in San Tan Heights, Johnson Ranch, Castlegate, Laredo Ranch, Copper Basin, Morning Sun Farms and Pecan Creek.

For more info on the National Sheriff’s Association and the relationship with Block Watches hit the link below.

National Sheriff’s Association


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