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Working And Living in Pinal County – Pipe Dream?


Tired of the commute every morning, afternoon or evening to a living wage job? Have you ever been part of the conversation “There are no great jobs where I live”? It’s a quality of life issue and Pinal County is finally trying to address the problem of getting better local jobs for the residents of San Tan Valley.

If you think about it, the jobs won’t come here until the employers know who they will be hiring. Pinal County is doing a survey of its residents to assess the qualities and skills that we have here. If you are a working resident of Pinal County/San Tan Valley please take the time to fill this out and let the county know what skills are here.

Trust me, there isn’t one person on the Board of Supervisors that knows I spent three decades as a commercial printer. All the big hardware is in the Phoenix Metro area, not here. What skills do you possess that can just as easily be applied locally?

It’s a quality of life issue. Here’s one way you can take control of it. Let the county know what skills you have by taking the survey.