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Supervisor Report for October 2010

Subject: Supervisor Report Oct 2010
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 20:06:00 -0700


Attached and below is the October End of Month Supervisor’s Report. Please feel free to forward to your friends and HOA.



October 2010

Where in the world has 2010 gone? I can’t believe we are already in November.


The big event of October was the community clean up of Camino Largo, sometimes referred to as Little Mexico. The entire community came together with an amazing outpouring of hard work and support. Over 200 tons of refuse was collected and hauled off. Special thanks to Right Away Disposal and Allied Waste Services. Both companies donated thousands of dollars worth of services. But the big thanks goes to the community. Literally hundreds of local citizens, churches and organizations stepped up. Great job by everyone!


This month we completed the five-week, public series of county budget discussions. The series discussed every department in the county. It was a great way to demonstrate what the county is responsible for and to highlight our budget challenges and what we have done so far. We have a long way to go. Next year’s budget will be extremely challenging. It is imperative that the public get involved early. Special thanks to the SaddleBrook Community and Mr. Ken Baker for helping to bring this education/discussion issue to the forefront.


October marked the retirement of County Manger, Terry Doolittle. The Board recently hired Mr. Fritz Behring. Mr. Behring was the County Manger for Clay County, Florida. He brings a fantastic record of achievement and fresh ideas to Pinal County. Mr. Behring will begin in late November. Welcome aboard!


LifePoint Church enjoyed the dedication of its new sanctuary this month in San Tan Valley. The LifePoint congregation and their Pastor, Dave Hinman, are just one of the many churches who continue to help serve the needs of San Tan Valley. I want to encourage the entire San Tan Valley area to participate in the Heart for Others event to be held on Nov 20th at 8:00am. Visit for more info.


The Breakfast with Bryan meetings continue to go well. If you want to get together and talk about anything you like, don’t hesitate to attend one of the four breakfast meetings every month. Send me an email if you’d like more info.


October marked the 20th Anniversary of Pinal/Gila Long Term Care. For twenty years this organization has provided health care services to the community. For those who aren’t aware, Pinal County is the payer of last resort for medical services in the County. Pinal/Gila LTC has kept the County in front of the issues and continues to work towards innovative ways to cut costs while providing mandated services.


Partnerships are critical to the quality of life of our citizens. Big thanks to the City of Apache Junction and S.A.L.T. (Superstition Area Land Trust) for working together to bring a new Botanical Walk to the base of Silly Mountain. Thanks to all the volunteers, donations and grants that made it all possible.


There are a number of issues on the horizon relating to the development of the State’s next budget. Our Legislature has a Herculean task before them as they work to provide services and balance the budget. Just one of the issues at hand involves the Arizona State Parks System. Pinal County is home to six State Parks. These parks enhance the quality of life of both our citizens and our guests. I will work to educate our Legislators on the merits of our Park System. It is important to understand that the AZ State Park System does, in fact, pay for itself. I ask that you let your Legislators know that we value this cost effective quality of life asset.


Halloween festivities are a big part of October. I had the opportunity to walk around and hand out candy at events at the Copper Basin YMCA in San Tan Valley and the Little League Field in Florence. I even had the chance to dress up as a Crazed Scotsman for the Gold Canyon Lion’s Fall Dinner. I Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.


October’s Employee of the Month is not an employee, but a community. Thanks to the entire Camino Largo Community. You make us all proud!


Feel free to pass this along to your friends and HOAs. Don’t hesitate to call or write with your questions or comments. Thanks!