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By Building A Strong Foundation In Our Young People We Grow A Better Community

Initially this post had nothing to do with safety, or a heads up or how to turn your gas off in an emergency. But it really is in a far off kinda way.

By building a strong foundation in our young people we grow a better community. In reading this article on the Mountain Vista Middle School Graduation I noticed many familiar names who helped these young people reach the pinnacle for their age, which is not an easy thing to do (remember being a teenager?).

These are more than names; they are friends, neighbors and volunteers in our community that give their time and guidance to our children. We’ve worked with them on many projects; as local as our schools and San Tan Mountain Regional Park, and as far away as the State of Arizona.

Their love and dedication to our community is commendable and we just wanted to thank them for their work. They get that to grow a strong community, you not only have to plant the seeds, but nurture along the way.

So thanks go to Tracy Szatkowski and Jack Malpass and all the other parents in San Tan Heights for being the kind of neighbors that invest their time and give guidance to our community’s children.