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Posse Patrols to Resume in San Tan Heights


At our last HOA Board meeting we had on the agenda two security/parking firms that the board was going to talk to and ultimately decide on one to replace the Posse who we quit using due to insurance reasons around last January.

The problem with the insurance was that it changed and our HOA would have to pay for the insurance covering the posse which would make them basically an employee of the Association, and a big liability according to our insurance company who recommended against it. Earlier that same day [of the meeting] Captain Ewen from the Pinal County Posse came in with a new contract which went back to the way it was before. So no more insurance issues. After the first two presenters at the meeting, Captain Ewen made his presentation and the Board opted to go back to Posse patrols. We will have them 80 hours a month, but that could increase or decrease at the discretion of the Board.

Vandalism has been going up, so you either pay now or pay later. The Posse had a real positive affect before and I know we can get back to where we were as far as vandalism. It’s not all Posse, though.


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