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San Tan Heights Residents Crush Crime


Arline had a discussion with the Lieutenant for our region some time ago and stated that crime was way down in San Tan Heights. He rolled his eyes and shook his head then said “I know, but it’s up everywhere else”. The heads up with the crime maps, enforcing the crime free lease addendum, residents talking about issues and people actually calling in suspicious activity has led to a dramatic drop in crime related calls from San Tan Heights.

The Numbers – It’s a Big Deal

The total calls coming from San Tan Heights dropped by 8% in 2013 relative to 2012. 33% of all calls coming from San Tan Heights in 2013 were for reporting suspicious activity; that is a 6% increase from 2012. The numbers below reflect the change from 2012 to 2013.

  • Suspicious Activity/Person: +28%
  • Theft: -19%
  • Burglary: -50%

Burglary and Theft calls are down a total of 69% from 2012. Savor that for a second. That is such a huge success and one word comes to mind. Congratulations… but Win and Yippee are close runners up.

By calling in suspicious activity the residents of San Tan Heights have played the leading role in reducing crime in their neighborhoods. That’s taking charge and responsibility for your neighborhoods and it worked!

We may not have regular meetings, guest speakers or pizza once a month, but that doesn’t reduce crime. Consistency and persistence in calling on suspicious activity does as well as best practices to ensure the safety and well-being of your family.

So job well done, San Tan Heights!

This is a Good Place for Us to Step Back for Awhile

Why? Crime is down and life happens. We’ll be having two new additions to our family soon and our focus will be on furthering our daughters’ education and building a strong foundation for her and our granddaughter.

Since late 2012 we’ve seen long term unemployment, the anxieties of putting our home on the market while looking to downsize in many areas, trying to short sale investment property only to find out at the end it’s a no go. Not too untypical from many of you.

Despite the punches we never stopped our involvement with the San Tan Heights community. From Block Watch to HOA meetings and reports to being on the HOA Board plus our work up at San Tan Mountain Regional Park coordinating and planning Haunted Howl-O-Ween and San Tan Wonderland. It was a busy year. To say our stress level was taxed would be just the tip of a very deep iceberg.

Now with having a new job and the resources our focus will be on family and building strong foundations. There are some wonderful resources for creative learning we want to delve into with our granddaughter. Her Mom is  laser focused on what she needs to do once they get here so she can be a better provider in their future. And we support that.

This website will not go away as there are resources that can be used. I will change it up a little as certain things will become out dated, such as press releases, etc. The Facebook and Twitter accounts can be good communication tools for residents so my hope is that they get used to communicate community related information. Feel free to post anything related to public safety or suspicious activity in your area.

And that was the biggest part of the crime maps; letting you know what’s going on in your neighborhoods. So unless someone wants to take over the maps, these social media outlets will be your resource for a heads up.

If you’d like to assist with the crime maps or if you’re interested in how to have a more localized block watch in your neighborhood we’re always available to help. Just email us at

If You See Something, Say Something – it really does work.