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STHCW Web Site

The re-design of this site is meant to bring more functionality and make it easier to keep current.

The tabs above have changed, but not really as I’ve just combined some under one tab. The “About” tab is basically for new people that want to information on the Block Watch. You will also find our contact info there as well.

In the header image there are three buttons; RSS feed, Facebook and Twitter.

RSS Feed: I guess the best way to describe this is to go to the bottom of this page. I’ve put an RSS Feed there for San Tan Valley Today newspaper. As they post to their site, the feed gets transmitted to this site. Our RSS Feed can be installed into your browser.

Facebook and Twitter: Not everything that we come across is fit for a post on this site. We follow numerous organizations and people that send out info on this area as well as other useful information.

You can follow us on Twitter or “Like” our Facebook page to get updates from those sites.

The footer at the bottom of the page is brand new and contains four items; Archives of older posts (by category, tag or date), links to recent posts, a Twitter feed from STHCW and the RSS feed from San Tan Valley Today.

As I said, we are striving to keep this site as fluid and current as possible. If you’d like to see information that is not here let us know! Feedback is always good!