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Asking for help on the Crime Maps


So here’s the deal, the crime maps I’ve been doing for quite a few years now are one of the biggest components of our block watch and the views per week are around 100 +/-; they get used and inform our residents of issues relative to their neighborhoods. We are looking for someone to take over the crime maps so that continuity can be kept.

A little recent history would find me looking for work for the last six months. In and of itself, looking for work is a full time job, it just doesn’t pay very well. I finally found one, but this job doesn’t fill in all the holes so I’m still looking for other jobs that will. So now my time is consumed with basically two full time jobs; working at one and looking for a supplemental job.

On top of that I have committed myself to an organization, the details of which I can’t get into at the moment. This is a big time commitment but one that I feel is necessary and will be beneficial to San Tan Heights, my number one focus.

So the days of coming home from work (days or nights) and juggling the crime maps and web site/Facebook/Twitter/Google+ postings may be coming to an end soon as my time is pretty much allocated to other obligations. Now we are reaching out to you to see if someone is willing to carry the map torch along.



Media Alerts

I’ll have to get you on the mailing list for the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office media alerts. That shouldn’t take more than a couple of days. You’ll get two alerts per day; one for the calls to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and another one for the arrests made in Pinal County.

A Map Service / Street Listing

I’ve got a list of streets in San Tan Heights which makes it a lot easier.

You’ll need an account with a service that has maps that have all of the streets in San Tan Heights. It may be different now, but when I first started this some services did not have all of the streets in San Tan Heights in their database. I know Google maps has all of our streets and I would recommend Google unless you have another preference that has all of our streets.

 To enter the data then post to a Google map is about twenty minutes a day. Longer on Mondays as the media alerts are for Friday-Sunday.

 Social Network

I’ve already got a large network set up over Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Just to make it easy on you I can send out the link you email me so that you do not have to worry about setting up various social media portals.


And that’s about it! We need a person that knows the value of these maps and can set aside enough time throughout the week to create and add to them.

If you are interested in helping out just send us an email to STHCW@LIVE.COM and we can set up a time to talk further and get things set up.