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Teens Pull Driver From Canal

With all the stuff going on with the world, our economy and the day to day struggle most of us dredge through, it’s these kind of stories that make it seem alright. There are some real heroes among us…

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Teens Pull Driver From Canal

Just after 5:00 a.m. on August 13, 2011, a 29-year-old driver of a 2005 Toyota Tacoma was traveling North on Hunt Highway when his vehicle suddenly veered left, leaving the road, and entered an irrigation canal between Copper Mine and Quartz Rds.
A vehicle driven by Donald Parker was following the Tacoma at the time of the accident. Parker was on his way to a golf tournament with his three sons: Harrison Parker, Hayden Parker and Andrew Johnson; all of Florence.
After witnessing the accident, Donald Parker pulled over to assist the driver. Hayden, Harrison and Andrew jumped into the canal to free the driver from the truck which was quickly filling with water.

Unable to reach the driver through the passenger door, Hayden grabbed a ladder and broke the back window of the truck, cutting his right forearm in the process.
The boys noticed the victim appeared to be having a seizure. After freeing the driver of the truck, the boys swam to the back of the Tacoma and held the victim until rescue crews arrived.
When first responders attempted to move the victim to safety, he became combative, but was eventually loaded into an ambulance and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

After regaining full consciousness at the hospital, the victim informed doctors he suffers from epileptic seizures. Harrison, Donald, Hayden & Andrew Johnson
Hayden Parker was treated for the cut on his forearm on scene and did not require hospitalization.