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Videos from Vekol Valley

Vekol Valley, has been in the news a lot lately as Sheriff Babeu keeps the reference in the public eye via tv, radio and press releases. What’s the hoopla all about? Human and drug trafficking, and it’s a big problem.

This corridor seems to be in Sheriff Babeu’s cross-hairs ever since the Deputy involved shooting in this area several months ago. The Sheriff has been making this corridor his prime focus and spring board when making appeals to our legislature for grants and extra monies to combat this problem. Human and drug trafficking is devastating to Arizona’s economy and it’s residents. To combat the cartels takes money; money Pinal County and Arizona do not have. Some are saying Sheriff Babeu is doing more harm than good by putting this out in the public. That it hurts tourism and the ability to attract business in a time when we truly need both.

Have you ever let a leaky faucet go without fixing it? It just gets worse… never better. And until the human and drug trafficking problems are addressed we will continue to have an increase in crime, victims and other related problems in this state.  And as long as we do have these problems, increasing tourism and driving business here will be even tougher.

It should go without saying that Arline and I are not anti immigrant. We have helped and supported the community of Valley of the Sun Estates (formally Little Mexico). Many fine families live there and we have worked with their community leaders, Supervisor Martyn and leaders in our county to bring needed services to that community.  Our issue are the people that come here not to work, but to bring drugs and crime to our state.


There is a big difference from working families and cartel families.

The following videos are from a secret camera in Vekol Valley.

Smuggling Marijuana


Human Trafficking